Photo, of a photo of a 2lb 5oz trout of all things caught by J Payne at Drayton St Leonards

Very grainy image of a pair of nice chub both over 4lb caught by Kevin Smith on the last day of the season 2014 after the wettest winter in memory

Photo of two chub caught in a match weighed in at 8lb 4oz - the smaller fish is 2lb 1oz and the bigger fish is 6lb 3oz. The fish were caught in peg 15 at Drayton. Caught back in Jan 2012 so must be pretty big by now!















The Thame Teams Of Four Trophy, won September 28th 2014 by the CMVAA A Team.





3lb 12oz Chub caught on a bunch of maggots to win the Cuddesdon Cup, 4th Jan 2015 by R.Smith. Competition had to be moved to Chiselhampton due to rising floodwaters at Cuddesdon!


 Massive 9lb 2oz Bream caught by match secretary Bryan Ball from the Cuddesdon stretch on the opening day of the 2015 / 2016 season.

Another photo of a photo! 19lb 12oz carp caught by G Ring from broadwaters at Cuddedson