Competitions 2023 - 2024 Season.

We ask all members to note the match dates and venues and not to fish the match venues for 3 days prior to a match. There will still

be 3 sections of the river available for pleasure fishing. 

If you are a new member and wish to have a go at match fishing then we are a very friendly bunch.

If you need further info then please contact Richard Borrell on 07958286795.I can advise where we meet up for the draw etc. The members will help with advice on the swims if you are new to the venues. Each club match is £10.00 per angler(£7.00 pools & £3.00 peg fee). All matches are generally peg down's . Pools are optional.

Competitions and Results

Charles Wiblin Trophy

Cuddesdon P*

18th June

Match time and Draw.    

9.00-2.00  / 8.00

Match results    ;  13 fished                                                                              

1st place Chris Plumb  4lb  14oz

2nd place Richard Borrell 4lb 3oz

3rd place   Ian Blyth 3lb 5oz                                       

Bob Gibson Cup

Drayton Bridge P*

25th June

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00   / 8.00

Match results ;9 fished

1st Tony Clempson 3lb 4oz

2nd Ian Blyth 2lb 9oz

3rd Julian Rayment 2lb 8oz

Thame Freindly Home


2nd July

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00  / 7.30

Match results: 23 fished.

CMVAA 28lb 06oz

Thame 18lb 14oz

1st Richard Cantwell 3lb 14oz

2nd Richard Borrell 3lb 7oz

3rd Julian Rayment / Keith Nash

3lb 5oz

Barry Greenway Mem cup

Drayton Bridge P*

16th July

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00 / 8.00

Match results: 14 fished

1st Richard Cantwell 4lb 7 oz

2nd Ian Blyth 3lb 7 oz

3rd Charlie Green 3lb 6 oz

 Ralph Holman cup



6th August

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00 / 8.00

Match results; 9 fished

joint first Chris Plumb 3lb 10 oz

Joey Gleed 3lb 10 oz

Keith Nash 3lb 10 oz

Thame Friendly Away


13th August

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00 / 7.30

Match results; CMVAA 15lb 7 oz

Thame 14lb 1/2 oz

Cuddesdon Cup


Drayton Farm

3rd September

Match time and Draw.

9.00-2.00 / 8.00

Match results; 11 fished

1st Julian Rayment 5lb 2 oz

2nd Bryan Butler 5lb

3rd Charlie Green 3lb 9 oz

N & G Ring Pairs open


& Drayton Bridge

10th September



9.00-2.00 / 7.15

Match results; 7 pairs fished

1st Bryan + Ian 8lb 9oz

2nd Joey + Tony 8lb 1oz

3rd Richard + Chris 6lb 8oz

Chiselhampton Cup

Chiselhampton P*

24th September

9.00-2.00 / 8.00

Match results; 14 fished

1st Brian Butler 5lb 12 oz

2nd Martin Chown 3lb 12 oz

3rd Chris Plumb 2lb 5 oz

Teams of 4


1st October

10.00-3.00 / 8.00 Match results;

Teams of 3

Wheatley Bridge

8th October

10.00-3.00 / 8.00

Match results; 8 teams of 3

Cuddesdon came 3rd overall.

Presidents cup

Cuddesdon P*

5th November

10.00-3.00 / 9.00 Match results;

Christmas cup 

Drayton farm P*

17th December

10.00-3.00 / 9.00 Match results;

Other matches may

be notified


p - Denotes matches eligible for aggregate points cup

* - Denotes matches eligible for aggregate weight cup

Specimen Trophies With Current Holders

R Barber Specimen Tench 3lb+ Not Claimed
Specimen Roach 1/2lb+ Henry Rayment
Specimen Chub 4lb+ Julian Rayment
Specimen Pike 8lb+ Not Claimed
Brian Merry Specimen Perch 2lb+ Not Claimed
Specimen Bream 4lb+ Ray Cook

Specimen Fish Trophies are presented for fish weighed in on competitions or when caught by individual members to be verified or witnessed by any CMVAA fishing club official.