Update on this years river improvement

  • 8 July 2024
  • Richard Borrell

We completed the work over the weekend 6th/7th July on the Chiselhampton downstream section of the river.

Just to give an idea to our members of the work completed this year;


P1. Trees cut out.

P2. Far tree cut out and cleared.

P5. Far bank tree trimmed up

P7. Large dead tree removed from swim

In the woods, several fallen trees cleared from path.


P2 Far bank trees cut back.

P3 tree to the right removed from swim. Branches to the left cut back.

P5. Tree to the left trimmed.

P8. Far bank tree branches removed.

P9. Downstream removed fallen trees to open up flow.

P10. dead tree to the left removed.

P11. Tree sitting on platform to the right , removed. 2 trees in river to the left removed.

P13. installed a footplate and levelled the bank.

P13-P14. Installed footplate and levelled bank.

P14. Large oak tree removed from river.

P17 - P18. Removed large willow branches from river.

P18. removed loose willow at end of swim.

P19. Improved platform, cut back far bank willow.

P20. Removed several fallen willows from the river.

P20-21. Created new swim by removing fallen trees.

P21. Removed fallen tree.

P22. Removed fallen tree next to platform.

P22-23. Removed fallen trees to create a new swim.

P23. Removed fallen tree.

We have also moved back several fence lines to give more space and installed styles to reduce damage to fencing.

Drayton Bridge.

We have so far removed approx 3000 crayfish from the section and will continue throughout the year.

Drayton farm

P1. Removed fallen branches.

As you can see above we are trying to improve all of our waters. if any of our members can offer any time to assist the please contact us via the contact info.

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