Match Report 25/11/18 - Chiselhampton Cup

  • 28 November 2018
  • Richard Borrell

13 anglers fished the Chiselhampton Cup at Chiselhampton from 9am to 2pm on Sunday 25th November 2018. They were faced with fishing a low, clear, cold river & bites were desperately hard to come by. Several competent match anglers struggled to catch anything but the eventual winner was Julian Rayment on Peg 10 who caught 2lb 2oz of mainly small 4oz chub on white floatfished maggot. His 10 year old son Henry Rayment came second with 1lb 8oz from Peg 11 with mainly roach caught on the same method as his Dad! Weights then dropped dramatically as Dick Martin came third with 5oz & Keith Nash came fourth with 4oz. Four anglers only weighed in 1oz & five anglers blanked! Not a good day!

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