Match Report 23/6/19 - Charles Wiblin Twilight Trophy

  • 28 June 2019
  • Richard Borrell

16 anglers fished the Charles Wiblin Twilight Trophy match at Cuddesdon from 3pm to 8pm on Sunday 23/6/19. Near perfect conditions prevailed as the weather was overcast, temperature was around 20 degrees & winds were light. The river had a bit of extra depth & flow and was carrying extra colour. Dick Martin won the match from Peg 12 with a very impressive weight of 11lb 1oz which included specimen cub of 5lb 7oz & 5lb 4oz! Second was Keith Ring with 4lb 12oz fom Peg 7 which included a huge perch of 2lb 12oz! Keith fished worm over chopped worm for his weight which was mainly perch. Third was Roy Barber with 2lb 15oz from Peg 3. Roy included a barbel of around 1lb in his weight. This is almost certainly one of the 2,000 juvenile fish that was stocked at Cuddesdon by the Environment Agency back in September 2016. Fourth was Charlie Green with a mixed bag of small fish for 2lb 6oz.

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