Match Report 13/9/20 - N & G Ring Pairs Trophy

  • 15 September 2020
  • Richard Borrell

13 anglers fished the N & G Ring Pairs Match on Sunday 13th September at Drayton Farm from 7.30am to 12.30pm The format for the match is that the pegs are drawn in the normal way so each angler has a peg then the numbers are drawn again in pairs so you end up with completely random pairs. In the event of an odd number of anglers then the last remaining peg number in the draw has the anglers weight doubled after the match. The river level monitor at Drayton Bridge showed the water level down at 0.95 metres, wind was moderate but bright sunshine was forecast which was bound to affect the weights of fish caught particularly on the shallower pegs. Winners were Kevin Smith & Joey Gleed with a combined weight of 5lb 10oz. Kevin caught 3lb 0oz from Peg 20 which was top weight on the day & Joey caught 2lb 10oz from Peg 2 which was third best weight overall. Second place was taken by Ian Blyth & Julian Rayment with a combined weight of 5lb 0oz. Ian caught 2lb 11oz from Peg 15 which was second highest weight on the day & Julian contributed 2lb 5oz which was fourth best weight on the day.

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