Match Blog 4/3/18 - Last Chance Cup

  • 13 March 2018
  • Richard Borrell

9 anglers (including 9 year old Henry Rayment) fished the Last Chance Cup at Chiselhampton from 9am - 2pm. The river was surprisingly low & clear despite recent snow melt. The chub that decided to feed were all caught in the slightly deeper pegs. Eventual winner was 9 year old Henry Rayment who had an eventful day when he lost a big chub on legered bread in Peg 2. Later in the match he hooked the same fish & managed to land it weighing 4lb 9oz. His dad Julian unhooked the fish & found Henry's other hooklength that he'd lost earlier still in the fish! 2nd place was Richard Cantwell with a chub of 3lb 10oz from Peg 19, 3rd was Dick Martin with a chub of 2lb 10oz from Peg 21 & 4th was Bryan "Otter" Ball with a chub of 2lb 9oz from Peg 4. Dick Martin also landed a pike of 6lb 6oz which didn't count in the match.

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