June 2024

  • 6 June 2024
  • Richard Borrell

Please note that the first match will now be at Chiselhampton on June 16th . Please use other venues on this date.

I just thought i would update our members with some of the work we have carried out through the close season. The weather was against us again but we still managed some improvements. We will continue to improve swims where possible and add platforms to make life easier and safer on the bank. If our members note any issues on the bank then please let us know.


P1. Removed over hanging tree

P2. Removed fallen tree which messed up this swim last year.

P7. Removed tree which had washed down in the floods and cut out overhanging willow tree.

P12. Cut back overhanging willow

P13_P28. Removed fallen trees from footpath.

Strimmed all pegs.


P2. Cut back far bank willows.

P3. Removed willow from river to the right of swim and cut back trees to the left.

P5. Cut back trees.

P8. Cut back trees.

P9. Removed willow from river and cut back far bank trees.

P13. Installed front kickplate and levelled the bank

P14. Cut out overhead trees and installed kickplate and levelled the bank

P15. Cut out tree to the right and overhangs on the left and installed style for easier access.

P19. Repaired and strengthened platform and cut back far bank willow.

Strimmed all pegs.

Drayton Bridge.

Instal footbridge over ditch for access.

Strimmed all pegs.

Drayton farm

All pegs should be strimmed by July time.

We also plan some extensive work downstrean on the Chiselhampton stretch in the mid year to remove several trees from the river which will give us back some old swims and possibly give us a couple of new ones. I will keep you posted on the dates for this as we may need to close the chiselhampton stretch for one weekend.

As you can see we are trying to improve our waters for the enjoyment of all of our members.. Anyone out there who can offer any time at the weekends during the close season or in the evenings then please contact us. We dont expect every weekend but any help is appreiated.


Richard Borrell , Treasurer.


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