2024 membership and news.

  • 26 May 2024
  • Richard Borrell

Our permits are now in the shops as listed on the membership page. They are also available by post if unable to get to a shop. Benson angling shop is now permanently closed but the permits can now be obtained from Blakes Baits which is just a mile or so from the old benson tackle shop.

Similar to last year the weather has been against us during the close season but we have still managed to clear several trees from the river and improve a few swims. We will continue to attack the crayfish throughout the year. If there is a net in the swim you fish then pull it to the side and then relocate when you leave. Please contact us if you find any issues on the bank. At Cuddesdon you will find a few spring loaded barbed wire fence sections, for easy access. Please ensure these are relocated before leaving.

If you do not fish the matches, please note the match dates and venues. We ask all of our members to not fish the match venues for 3 days prior to the match date. There will still be 3 other sections available ( approx 75 pegs.) If you wish to come along to a match then all members are welcome . All the guys are very friendly and willing to help anyone new to match fishing. If you want more info then contact myself or Julian. 

You can also find club updates and info on facebook under Cuddesdon Mill Village Angling Association.

Have a good season.

Richard Borrell

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